Website Rules

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Website Rules


Follow these, or get your account banned/deleted.


1. Do NOT upload anything illegal, everything must follow the legal laws of United States. If you live in another Country and your laws are different on a certain topic making said topic legal, while it's illegal in the U.S. will be considered illegal on this website.

2. Do NOT spam, shit post, or make crap threads.

3. Do NOT post phishing links or screamer links.

4. If a certain topic has rules in how to make a proper post, follow it or your thread(s) will get deleted/moved to crap threads and your account MIGHT get terminated.

5. Be civil, be nice, you may have debates AS LONG AS YOU'RE CIVIL. If any fights break out, both sides will be punished.

6. Do not use fake or fishy looking e-mails. You'll very likely be looked at as a bot and could end up banned from our Forums.

7. Make a proper account name, otherwise it'll be deleted, and you may end up banned from our Forums.


...more to come if anything comes up that is missing.