Void DarkRP Update 3/13/2019

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Void DarkRP Update 3/13/2019


This update involves a lot of changes within the XP system, we're aiming to make it a useful thing, but to also not make it a tedious annoyance. There'll definitely be lots of changes in the upcoming hotfixes that I can foresee to try to make this system work perfectly.


I hope you guys enjoy this, and hopefully we can make this XP system very fun to play with!


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I went ahead to tweak some Bank stuff (not the ATM) when the script got updated, to make it more friendly with our XP system and overall benefit off of the money.


Increased bank music volume from 60 to 120.

Reduced the amount of cops needed for raiding the Bank from 5 to 3.

Every successful bank raid, gives XP to the raiders.


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I heard you guys, and your complaints regarding knives, they were previously aimed to become nearly useless to make them stop being the primary weapon over guns, which worked for a bit, however I think it's time they deserve to be balanced as they're TOO weak.



Secondary Attack Back Stab damage went from 15 to 20

Secondary Attack Frontal damage went from 10 to 15

Primary Attack Back Stab damage went from 10 to 13

Primary Attack Frontal damage went from 5 to 8

Knife range went from 48 or 64 to 40 or 60

Knife attack speed went from 1.5/0.75/1.3 to 1/0.80/1


Golden Knife Range untouched.

Golden Knife Secondary Attack Back Stab damage went from 25 to 28

Golden Knife Secondary Attack Frontal damage went from 20 to 23

Golden Knife Primary Attack Back Stab untouched.

Golden Knife Primary Attack Frontal damage went from 10 to 13.


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Made levels no longer appear above other players heads

Changed xpmultiplier from 0.4 to 0.1

Changed the timer between each moment you're given XP from 600 seconds to 300 seconds

Changed the amount of XP given every automatic give away from 600xp to 100xp

Changed Max Level from 9999999 to 100

Made it so you gain XP for doing just about anything, from arresting, unarresting, accepting/denying/completing hits, buying doors, inventory stuff, buying weapons, referrals, putting VOID tag, and so on, just about anything you think of gives you XP now


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Increased Money earnt on Referrals from $2000 to $5000

Increased Points earnt on Referrals from 1000 to 2500

XP can now be earnt through Referrals


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Changed who has access to the underground items dealer.

Changed job rule for all Hitmen relating to "Your job involves you accepting any and all hits." it's now "Your job involves you accepting any and all hits that you wish to accept."

Recoded 2B's weapon from scratch.

Tweaked rewards when joining the steam group through !steam.

Removed Thief Case from some jobs that shouldn't have it.

Fixed Jeff the Killer still being labelled as Black Market Dealer.

Fixed Werewolf's model erroring.

Placed more ATMs around the map.

Added prop rank limit, so each rank has it's own prop limit such as: User has 50, Void Member has 75, Trial Staff has 75, Staff has 80, Administrative Staff has 80, Plasma has 80, Nebula has 85, Celestial has 90, Galactic has 95, and Higher Staff have 100.

Buffed Weed income.

Buffed Fish prices.

Lowered the price for Fishing Bait.

Buffed mining ore prices and maximum hits to rocks.

Slightly decreased the pricing for Oil Refinery Upgrades.

Buffed Oil prices.

Added more emotes to the in-game chat.


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