Void DarkRP Creature Update 2/15/2019

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Void DarkRP Creature Update 2/15/2019


This update will definitely put us on the spot as being 'unique' in a few ways, plus I've heard the complaints and those who like guns (I mean, who doesn't?) will be happy to hear about all that's been going on.


I don't have much to say here, so let's get right into it!


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Added in Lightsaber once again! (It can be crafted AND bought by the Black Market Dealer for 7,000,000).

Added Energized Ores.

Added in Groves Gang Jobs.

Added in Antman Job.

Added in John Wick Job.

Added parkourmod to Chainsaw Lunatic.

Added in Cloaker Job.

Added in Taco Hud.

Added in Average and Strong Health Vials.

Added Donator Tiers in Printers.

Added 4 vehicles to be Donator exclusive.

Added in Inventory Use/Drop delay to prevent unfair advantages.

Added in Job Spacers in the F4 menu to make it a little more clean.

Added Hit Numbers.


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Added in Deathclaw Job. (Animal Farmer)

Added in Bioshock Big Daddy Jobs. (Law Enforcement)

Added in Jason Vorhees Job. (Hitman)

Added in Michael Myers Job. (Hitman)

Added in Bloodsucker Job. (Vegetable Farmer)

Added in Jane the Killer Job. (Weapon Store Owner)

Added in Chimera Job. (Animal)

Added in SCP-939 Job. (Animal)

Added in Jeff the Killer Job. (Black Market)

Added in SCP-966 Job. (Meth)

Added in SCP-1471 Job. (Weed)

Added in Creature only Weapons. (Civilians/Humans are unable to use these!)

Creatures cannot use normal weapons (Such as CS:GO or M9K weapons).

Xenomorph and Predators are now Creatures and are labelled as Criminal Organizations.


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Removed Arrest Baton.

Removed Keypad Checker from Staff on Duty.

Removed Mechanic Job.

Removed the ability for Grim Reaper to cloak.

Removed sevices script.


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Fixed illegal items buyer.

Fixed duplicated Mining Pickaxe Tier 2. (It now shows Tier 3).

Fixed a typo in the Winch swep.

Fixed the Winch having an pistol as a model.

Fixed weapons that Jobs claim to spawn with, but don't, thus giving false information.

Fixed text issues with M9K weapons.

Fixed Mister Robot not being given the Admin Keypad Cracker.


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Buffed Printers slightly.

Gave Handcuffs back to Law Enforcement, but made their cuffs instant arrest.

Made the Winch unable to be used after one use.

Made the Glock 18 no longer automatic.

Rebalanced every M9K firearm, labelling them from weakest (the top) to strongest (the bottom).

Repriced every M9K fire arm.

Nerfed CS:GO Knives Attack Speed and Attack Damage.

Nerfed Combat Knife Attack Speed.

Nerfed Machete Attack Speed.

Nerfed Damascus Sword Attack Speed.

Decreased the price for cuffs and restraints.

Buffed Kevlar Armor, Light armor went from 25 to 50, Medium armor went from 65 to 96, Heavy armor went from 100 to 135.

Reduced pricing on weed seeds to be more profitable.


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Renamed Dog Leash to Animal Leash.

Made Winches and Wrenches able to be purchased through F4 Menu by anyone.

Made inventory system log pickups, uses, and drops.

Renamed Leon Kennedy's Gun to Special Fiveseven.

Made Leon Kennedy Nebula Rank.

Made The Punisher Plasma Rank.

Disabled Delicate Hud in favor for Taco Huds grand return.

Renamed Health Vial to Weak Health vial.

Merged Xenomorph Soldier, Lurker, and Boiler into one, now known as Xenomorph.

Made Cripz and Bloodz KOS with Groves.

Changed the Vegetable NPC's name from 'John Eryk' to 'Vegetable Buyer'.

Changed the item bank name from 'Bank' to 'Inventory Bank'.

Made it so players, will very unlikely ever be missing the map from this point on.


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