50% OFF (MUST READ BEFORE POSTING) How to Create a Proper Custom Job Thread

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50% OFF (MUST READ BEFORE POSTING) How to Create a Proper Custom Job Thread

!!!50% OFF SALE!!!






Click below to be sent to a specific Section for making your custom job.

Important Information Before Purchase

'It's very important to read what's here, contains a lot of information needed before purchasing a Custom Job'

Rules for Custom Jobs

'Rules regarding a Custom Job, containing what your job can and cannot have/do and so on'

Job Categories

'Categories regarding your job, like being a Law Enforcement means you can be a cop, and so on'

Allowed for Custom Jobs

'What is allowed to be implemented into your Custom Job'

Disallowed for Custom Jobs

'What isn't allowed to be implemented into your Custom Job'

Job Limitations

'Limitations regarding the movement speed, jump height, how many guns you can have and so on'

Item Pricing List

'Prices for EVERYTHING, you have the option to do the math yourself'

Shipment Categories

'Categories regarding the shipments your Job can buy'

Item Categories

'Categories regarding the items, such as guns, melee, and so on, to know what is what'

Custom Job Template

'The important Template, you MUST copy and paste or at least reference'




Updates to the Thread

Changes Made Day/Month/Year
Revamped the entire thread. More simplistic. 8/29/2018


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Important Information Before Purchase


Important Information Before Purchase
Once you Purchase a job, you will not be given a refund, no matter what the issue(s) are with it.
If you do not enjoy what you were given, you can always change it in the Custom Job Editor section.
If you're redeeming an old deleted Custom Job you can bring it back to the server in the Redeem Job section.

If a Playermodel you pick is broken, it's not the Communities job to fix it.

We'll gladly give you a temporary non-donator job for free until you find one without issues.

We do not create Playermodels CURRENTLY, we hope to in the future to find someone who is experienced in this field.

Players cannot be given free access to your Custom Job, even if they provide screenshot evidence of you giving them access. We no longer support this option.

However player(s) may purchase a 'slot' on your Custom Job for half of the price you originally paid for, IF you allow them access.

If you wish to revoke players permission from using your Custom Job and they paid for it with their own money then, fill out a Thread in the Help Center stating you revoke their permission and that they need to be unwhitelisted. Same thing goes for if you paid for it with your own money.

If you paid for a slot on another players Custom Job, keep in mind that the Owner of that Custom Job has full rights and control over it, meaning they can revoke you from it at ANYTIME they wish. Even if you spent your own money on it, and there will be NO REFUNDS.

Void Community has the ability to create Custom Job weapons from scratch, but with very little LUA Experience.

If there's something too complicated for the Coder to do on their own, they'll either tell you, or charge you extra in exchange of funding a more experienced coder to create it for you.

Your Custom Job WILL be disallowed during Purge, due to balance. But will immediately be unbanned after Purge has finished.
If your Custom Job is a small playermodel, it will cost extra to get the view for first person to be the same height as your playermodel. Same goes for if your playermodel is taller.


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Rules for Custom Jobs


Rules for Custom Jobs

You can only have ONE Custom Job total. If you wish to change your current Custom Job, visit the Custom Job Editor Section.

If you aren't the Owner of this Custom Job, but you paid for a slot on it. And are unhappy that they want to edit it, we're sorry but you have to deal with it. As it is not YOUR job originally.

If you wish to use a Playermodel already owned by another Custom Job, you will have to pay the full amount. 

It'll still be considered an Exclusive Playermodel. Same goes for Exclusive Weapons.

If you're inactive on the server without leaving an absence for over 1 month, your job will end up removed.

If you have however been active during this 1 month, it's UP TO YOU to have your Steam name the same as your Forum name, so that when we do the search of Custom Jobs being in-active, you won't lose yours by accident.

If your account IS different, and you lose your Job, there are NO refunds and Void Community is not inclined to bring your job back, you'll be referred to redeem it.

Unless a player has decided to purchase a slot on your Custom Job, then it'll be considered their Custom Job and no longer yours. You can re-gain access to it, if you pay half of the original price.

Your Custom Job by default must cost at LEAST $10 USD.
You cannot go around and make up your own 'rules' with your Custom Job. They're restricted to what they can do in the Job Categories.

Every weapon you wish to have on your Custom Job will very likely be tweaked for Balance if it's overpowered. 

It's very likely your weapon(s) will have to be completely recoded with PROPER coding. A lot of Workshop coders don't even know what they're doing.

For a complete recode, it will cost an extra small sum.

We do not allow Furry or My Little Pony models. We have this rule, not because Void discriminates against Furries or My Little Pony Fans, but to rather prevent hate from growing and spreading.
If given a Stun Weapon or Utility, you cannot randomly stun players. Only stun them to kidnap them.
The maximum number of players allowed on your Custom Job, is two. By this we mean ONE slot is for you and ONE slot is for those who purchased a slot.


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 Job Categories


Job Categories What these Categories Do
Criminal Ability to Mug, Raid, Rob the Bank, Pickpocket, Lockpick, and buy anything illegal from the Black Market.

Ability to protect those needing protection, Arresting Criminals, Stopping any and all Crime possible, Listening to the Mayor's Orders, and following the Laws. However cannot buy anything illegal.

Must follow the General Law Enforcement Rules Click HERE to see.

Bodyguard Ability to be hired to protect those willing to give them the money. Can protect Criminals if they wish. However cannot protect Law associated people.
Hitman Ability to do Hits, can Accept any form of Hit on any Player. However can only Raid if they have a Hit on a Player inside a base.
Resident Normal Cannot be a Criminal at all, nor do anything Crime related at all.
Animal Cannot Base without being Owned. If Owned, can base, but only inside their Owner's base and it has to be very small.
Resident Criminal Ability to become Criminal associated with the ability to Mug, Rob the Bank, or Raid.
Homeless Ability to Mug, Raid, and Pickpocket others. Cannot base inside buildings, but can make a small to medium base out on the streets, but cannot block others bases.


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Allowed for Custom Jobs


Allowed for Custom Jobs
You're allowed to have any Playermodel off of the Workshop. It'll be considered Exclusive, as it's not a Playermodel used in any other non-exclusive job on the server.
You're allowed to have any Playermodel in the server.
You're allowed to have a maximum of FOUR Playermodels on a Custom job.

You're allowed to have a maximum total of:

TWO Guns.

TWO Melees.

ONE Utility.

This includes Non-Exclusive and Exclusive Weapons. If you wish to have more than the limits, you MUST pay double the price for any additional added items.

You're allowed to buy Printers, regardless of your Job Category.

However if you have the ability to leap or climb the price will be raised.

You're allowed to sell a maximum of Two Category of guns, melee, or utilities.


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Disallowed for Custom Jobs


Disallowed for Custom Jobs
You cannot sell the Lightsaber.
You cannot have the ability to teleport.
You cannot have any weapons that are considered unbalanced or overpowered. They WILL be nerfed to maintain server balance.
You cannot have a model that isn't on the Workshop or in the server. We do not transfer models over.
You cannot sell every item in the server. Or every item shipment.
You cannot have the HS-14 SMG that the NCR Elite Rangers have.
You cannot have Half-Life 2 or DarkRP weapons.
You cannot have Golden weapons.
You cannot have any Dubstep guns.
You cannot have Health Regeneration, if a weapon comes with it, it will be removed from the code.
You cannot have Deadpools Regeneration ability.
You cannot have more than one Job Category.
You cannot have your Playermodel increase in height or be shrunk.
You cannot have a Playermodel that's in a Playermodel pack. You're allowed to extract the playermodel and upload the proper files on your own Workshop page. However if it's in a Playermodel pack of Four, and you wish to use all Four models, then this is acceptable.
You cannot have the an Instant Keypad Cracker, just the normal Keypad Crackers.
You cannot have Sly Coopers cane.
You cannot have a weapon that contains a lot of effects. If the weapon you so desperately wish to have has far too many effects, they will very likely be disabled for the servers stability.


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Job Limitations


Job Limitations
Health Limit Minimum Amount: 100
Maximum Amount: 200
Armor Limit Minimum Amount:  0
Maximum Amount: 100
Walk Speed Limit Minimum Amount:  160
Maximum Amount: 180
Run Speed Limit Minimum Amount:  250
Maximum Amount: 280
Jump Power Limit Minimum Amount:  200
Maximum Amount: 250
Salary Limit Minimum Amount:  0
Maximum Amount: 150


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Item Pricing List


Playermodels List
Playermodel Type Prices
Exclusive Playermodel(s) $15 USD each
Donator Playermodel(s) $15 USD each
Non-Exclusive Playermodel(s) $15 USD each



Weapons and Utilities Item List
Items Prices
Exclusive Item(s) 13 USD each
Donator Item(s) $8 USD each
Non-Exclusive Item(s) $5 USD each
Specailized Item(s) Lightsaber $20 USD
Parkour SWEP $6 USD

Custom Made Weapon/Utility

by: DegenerateManiac

$20 USD to $40 USD

'Depends on the Difficulty'



Miscellaneous Items
Items Prices


'Increase from

Minimum Amount'



'Increase from

Minimum Amount'



'If you do not have a weapon that

can make you leap or climb.'

$5 USD


'If you have a weapon that

can make you leap or climb'

$8 USD

Radio $12 USD

Walk Speed

'Increase from

Minimum Amount'

$3 USD

Run Speed

'Increase from

Minimum Amount'

$3 USD

Jump Power

'Increase from

Minimum Amount'

$4 USD


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Shipment Categories


Shipments Category Items
Shipments Items Prices
Light Weapons Shipments Handgun $3 USD
M9K Melee $4 USD
CS:GO Knives $5 USD
Heavy Weapons Shipments Assault Rifles $6 USD
Shotguns $8 USD
Machine Guns $10 USD
(Sniper) Rifles $12 USD
Utilities Shipments Lockpick $2 USD
Normal Keypad Cracker $3 USD
Advanced Keypad Cracker $5 USD
Cuffs/Leashes $6 USD
Armor Shipments Light Kevlar Armor $6 USD
Medium Kevlar Armor $8 USD
Heavy Kevlar Armor $10 USD
Exclusive Shipments Exclusive Gun $15 USD
Exclusive Melee $18 USD
Exclusive Utility $18 USD


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Item Categories


Item Categories
Categories Descriptions
Gun Categories
All M9K... Handguns
Assault Rifles
Machine Guns
Sniper (Rifles)
Doom 3... Double Barrel
Machine Gun
Melee Categories
All M9K... Knife
All CS:GO... Knives
All Doom 3... Flashlight
Utility Categories
DarkRP... Lockpick
Arrest Baton
Unarrest Baton
Keypad... Normal Keypad Cracker
Advanced Keypad Cracker
Miscellaneous... Pickpocket
ATM Hacking Device
Exclusive Custom Job Categories
Exclusive Guns... Anything that fires a Projectile out for the most part.
Exclusive Melees... Anything that does NOT fire a Projectile and requires close quarters combat.
Exclusive Utilities... Anything that cannot damage players, but rather benefit you in raids and such.


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Custom Job Template


Please, do NOT make your own template. 

Use the one we provide for you below.

Copy and Paste it if you need to.

(But do NOT copy and paste the contents in this box).


We've provided direct links to information regarding certain item(s) listed in our template, feel free to click them to reference prices, limitations, and so on.





What is your SteamID32(i.e STEAM_0:1:12432827):

Do you agree to there being NO refunds? 


--Basic Job Info--

Job Name: 

Job Color (Please use RGB option, click HERE for help)

Job Category


--Job Stats--



Walk Speed: 

Run Speed: 

Jump Power: 









--Specialized Items (ANSWER WITH Y OR N)--



Custom Made Item (PROVIDE DETAIL)


--Entity Items--




--Item Shipments (ANSWER WITH Y OR N)--

Light Weapons Shipments (WHICH ITEM)

Heavy Weapons Shipments (WHICH ITEM)

Utilities Shipments (WHICH ITEM)

Armor Shipments (WHICH ITEM)



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