most painful thing that happened to you

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most painful thing that happened to you

what was the most painful thing that happened to you?

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My leg went through a glass

My leg went through a glass window. Sliced the fuck outta it, 19 stitches.

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I busted my head open on my

I busted my head open on my mom's trailer hitch when I was like 4 or something. It tickled at first, and then I saw the blood. Sooo I got staples. I still have the staple gun they used at the hospital.

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My Toe

I had a a think piece of wood under my toenail, & I smashed my toe into my computer desk & it went completely under my toenail. Then I ripped it out, hurt like a bitch.

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Many, can't tell which

My fingers got stuck on a door, stuck for 10 mins
or when I step on lego.

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My Dad

My dad was chasing me around the house then I tripped, smashed my head into a table, and almost sliced my eye open. Good thing I have a forehead!

Expert Pickpocket
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I have 2

One time, I took the back of a hammer to my leg, adrenaline prevented me from feeling it at first, but then my brother saw I had 2 holes in my leg, and my white socks had turned red.
Or another time I was sharpening a knife with a tiny hand held sharpener, and my idiot mind went, how fast can we do this, and well, I was going pretty fast, until I missed it, and my freshly sharpened knife cut open the complete right side of my right hand, over the back of the middle of my pinky, down to the side, down to the side of my wrist

Mister Void
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When I was 14 I tried to jump

When I was 14 I tried to jump on a metal platform with both legs at once, I missed it and my feet slipped, and I skinned both of my shins from ankle to knee.

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Ill tell you three

I dislocated my elbow by falling out the back of a pickup truck.

Playing Red light green light with my aunt I busted my head open had to get 8 stiches.

I fell and my chin hit the floor making my front 2 teeth pass through my tongue so I had a whole on my tongue for a while.

had a rock bounced off my

had a rock bounced off my head when i was younger

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i slid off of a roof wen i was chilling wit my friends, it did not feel good

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It would be that I fell of a swing and cut my lip in half, I had to eat with a big ass swollen lip for when it started to heal

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I contracted influenza felt like I was being constantly hit in the head and had a horrid fever that almost murdered my ass. Not fun at all.