Americans In the Polls!

  • Posted on: 14 July 2016
Trump's Ugly ass face

As it turns out, americans are not yet ready to watch their country go to hell, instead they are making the drastic move to end it all, take their life, and in turn not have to vote. We go to Degen's younger older father/brother or mother

"Im not sure if its the air, but im feeling stoned. Is this colorado?"

"well..." I then tossed up my joint and ended the conversation.


for all we know there is only one hope for america,

WW3 - war of the internet. I took a moment to ask some questions to the real degen


⚠YOUR WORST TACO⚠: when do you think there will be a ww3?
DegenerateManiac: wtf
DegenerateManiac: hopefully not anytime soon if never
⚠YOUR WORST TACO⚠: do you think it will be an internet war?
⚠YOUR WORST TACO⚠: like provoked by the internet
DegenerateManiac: possible

Truly some inspiring stuff, Degen always had the best opinions.

Note That is merely a speculation, do not regard it as fact

That is all for today, and I'm gonna go do some shit before work.

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