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Void DarkRP Server Suggestions


Due to the limitations of the Suggestions addon on the server addon, we've decided to move the Suggestion area here.


To properly have this idea succeed, first you need to make a Thread, and provide your Suggestion.

Then people go to your thread, and leave a comment saying "I upvote this" or "I downvote this"


If your Suggestion is liked enough it'll be given a reply by the Owner, of it being 'In-Progress', 'Implemented', or 'Declined'.

If it's Declined, you'll be given a description as to why it was Declined.

If it's stuck In-Progress for a long while, you'll be given a description as to why it's stuck.

If it's Implemented, you'll be told it's been added to the server.


So feel free to start making Threads!


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Never Suggest These Below


Never Suggest what's listed below, or you'll get a Declined/Deleted thread.

And possible Forum ban.

Map Change Vehicles
Wiremod Troll Suggestions


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