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  • Posted on: 12 July 2016
Void Shall Live On

What Is Void Community?

Void Community is a Community run by three individuals. Three really close and trusted friends. This community is also aimed at to be a community where once you join, you are joining a family. Here at Void we accept players of any kind, we do not judge others, and we try our best to make your gaming experience on our servers the best we possibly can.

Void Community has excellent staff, everyone who's given a staff ranking is friendly and very helpful. So if you ever need any sort of help involving our servers go ahead and contact them and they'll do their absolute best to help solve your issue(s).

The owners of Void try their very best to make sure this community is in check and running smoothly.

Who are the owners you may ask?
The owners of Void Community are: 
DegenerateManiac (Founder and owner of all Void Community related servers, and god), 
and YOUR WORST TACO (Co-Founder and Community Coder).

Void owns a Garrysmod DarkRP Server, and a Grand Theft Auto 5 Crew.

Garrysmod DarkRP server IP:

Garrysmod HL2RP server IP: Never to return

Garrysmod DarkRP 2.0 server IP:

Grand Theft Auto 5 Crews
(Don't mind the 'bros' part in the title, it was aimed to fit the Grand Theft Auto feel).

Void is trying it's best to expand to games and gamemodes YOU enjoy. We are aiming to become a community that will help players make friends and know they have a community that actually cares about it's members.

So feel free to join us! If you think this community is right for you.


Void Community Links (Click on the names of the title to be redirected).

Void's DarkRP Trailer

Void Community's Twitter

Void Community's FaceBook

Void's Server Content

Void DarkRP's Game Tracker

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Man of Merica
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After a fucking year I finally find this, this is fucking amazing.

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You should add the discord to this page

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i know you have it in server

i know you have it in server but just for ease of access