Void DarkRP Map Change & Update 1/21/2019

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Void DarkRP Map Change & Update 1/21/2019


It's time again to do an update along with a map change due to very very high demand.


I've provided the changes below in fairly organized matter!



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Added in the boat vehicles.

Added in bitminer 2.

Added pirate jobs.

Added treasure looting.

Added Oxygen system.

Added economy system, with mayor events and such.


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Removed prisoner laundry job.

Removed all TDM vehicles, except the GTA 5 ones and Tricycle.

Removed the Overall Tow Truck Driver job system, however making the 'winch' that can get vehicles out to be given to the Mechanic Job, along with the Wrench.

Removed map script.

Removed bail NPC.

Removed the looting system for jailed players.

Removed jailed players swapping models to jailed models.

Removed fire system.


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Decreased printer price from $1000 to $600.

Decreased hidden cameras price from $400 to $200.

Decreased salary on Predator from $35 to $15.

Decreased salary on Advanced Predator from $45 to $25.

Decreased salary on Xenomorph Soldier from $30 to $15.

Decreased salary on Xenomorph Lurker from $40 to $25.

Decreased salary on Corvo Attano from $40 to $30.

Decreased the battery drain from every 15 seconds to every 13 seconds.

Decreased the amount of money earnt from Tier 10 printer from $600 per-print rate to $589 per-print rate.

Decreased money for medic revives from $150 to $30.

Decreased money meant to be paid for being revived from $300 to $100.


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Increased Weeaboo Salary from $1 to $8.

Increased printer print rate from every 40 seconds to 45 seconds.

Increased printer tier prices: Tier 7 went from $1800 to $2800, Tier 8 went from $2600 to $3600, Tier 9 went from $3500 to $5500, and Tier 10 went from $4000 to $6000.


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Updated MOTD.

Updated in-game Job Rules (will do website in the coming days).

Updated every job to have the new keys.


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Made Mafia be able to use Bitminers.

Made Bloodz and Cripz be able to use Printers.

Made hidden cameras able to be removed with remover?

Made MOST Jobs that have levels the LAST option to select in their categories, so they look cleaner.

Made Job Tests a lot easier to pass.


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Moved maps from Evocity to rp_downtown_tits_v2.

Reduced prisoner jail sentence from 30 minutes to 3 minutes.

Renamed "Keypad Doors" to "Fading Door & Keypad".

Remove Fire Fighters and Tow Truck Driver jobs.

Kept the Porsche Tricycle.

Kept GTA 5 TDM vehicles.

Replaced Bank System (NOT ATM).

Organized the items tab to look cleaner.

Revamped Grim Reaper completely. (He's still not done yet!)


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