Void DarkRP 2019 Re-Grand Opening

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Void DarkRP 2019 Re-Grand Opening


I heard you, and I shall present to you all, another revamp of Void DarkRP.

However, this one includes the playground style we originally had, with slight roleplay style we recently added in our last rehaul.

This revamp is aimed to be very unique out of many servers, with a playground roleplay aspect to it, rather than one or the other.

We're aiming to make this server not boring or grow stale over-time.

We will be doing more frequent events within the server that involve rewards, or just overall entertaining moments.

We'll be using the MOTD system to announce events that are planned/going on so players will all be involved.


And on an off note, for those who aren't occupied to the Discord, we went through our staffing list and demoted a large sum of inactive staff, as we want to make our server welcoming and awesome for all!


But without further delay, enjoy the changelog listed below!


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Removed Level restrictions on a majority of Jobs, less grinding for XP.

Removed Taxi Driver.

Removed Judge.

Removed Undercover Agent.

Removed Police Detective.

Removed Ticket Book.

Removed Team Radio.

Removed Employee NPCS.

Removed Hitman Phone System.

Removed the Mayor Election System.

Removed ghomes.

Removed Coin Pusher.


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Re-added !laws and !mlaws.

Re-added Weeaboo job.

Re-added Pingu.

Re-added Pingu's Lost Brother (but renamed to Pingu's Lost Sibling).

Re-added Predator.

Re-added Advanced Predator.

Re-added Xenomorph Soldier.

Re-added Xenomorph Lurker.

Re-added Chicken.

Re-added Subject 617.

Re-added Widowmaker.

Re-added Mercy.

Re-added Genji.

Re-added Sly Cooper.

Re-added Zero.

Re-added Corvo Attano.

Re-added Grim Reaper.

Re-added Lady Deadpool.

Re-added Deadpool.

Re-added One-Punch Man.

Re-added Staff on Duty.

Re-added NCR Elite Ranger.

Re-added Prototype.

Re-added sit anywhere.

Re-added grapple hook for Widowmaker.

Re-added a bank robbing song.



Re-enabled the F4 Job Menu switching.

Re-enabled DarkRP built in Hitman System.

Re-enabled interest (with the new atm system, plus it's given every hour of playtime).


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Replaced FA:S with M9K.

Replaced Yakuza/La Eme/Rossiyskaya Mafia Jobs with just the basic Mafia Member and Mafia Don.

Replaced ATMS with a newer system that isn't abandoned or outdated.


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Merged the Playground feel with the Roleplay feel.

Renamed Contract Killer to Hitman.

Switched maps from RP_Florida to RP_Evocity_v33x.

Increased money that'll be earnt when robbing the bank, but also increased the chance of the corrupt bank guard ratting you out.

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